We lost our hospital. Now we need your help. Make BMC-North a real hospital.

North Adams Regional Hospital abruptly closed on March 28, 2014. The closure, by then-owner Northern Berkshire Healthcare, immediately displaced 530 employees and thousands of patients. A new owner has since opened a satellite emergency room and replaced some outpatient services, but to this day 37,000 people living in North Berkshire County do not have a real, full-service hospital with inpatient beds to satisfy their healthcare needs.

When North Adams Regional Hospital closed, many believed that a full-service hospital could not be sustained in North County. The truth is that for more than a decade, NARH turned a solid profit. However, Northern Berkshire Healthcare took on $65 million in debt for non-healthcare related activities. In the end, it cost us our hospital.

The North County Cares Coalition is here to fight back and restore beds at our hospital, now known as the Northern Berkshire Campus of Berkshire Medical Center. We deserve a real hospital.